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Dental surgery

What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery or odontology is the medical specialty that studies and treats dental and jaw conditions. It includes several disciplines, including implantology - fitting of prostheses and implants -, orthodontics - correction of the alignment of teeth - and oral medicine, intervening specifically on patients whose care is delicate for medical reasons. or technical.

What does the dental surgeon do?

The doctor of dental surgery is a general practitioner in odontology:

  • He performs care (treatment of cavities, dental canals)

  • He performs extractions and dental implants

  • He puts on prostheses

  • He performs aesthetic acts (whitening, spot cleaning, etc.)

  • He may favor a practice: endodontics (pulp system), periodontics (tissues supporting the teeth), or even pedodontics (children).

When to consult a dental surgeon?

Dental care is accessible without a doctor's prescription. It is advisable to make an appointment with a dental surgeon once or twice a year, from an early age, to prevent and maintain (scaling) good dental health. Consultation with a dental surgeon is essential and requires regular monitoring in the event of bad breath, bleeding when brushing or chewing, sensitivity or pain (teeth, gums), loss of a tooth, an overlap that interferes with good hygiene, etc.

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