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Instructions following a surfacing

Optimize the results of surfacing and avoid relapses

Instructions following a surfacing

  • Oral hygiene

The dental hygiene care that you do at home is directly related to the type of healing that you will have after the surfacing. On the day of treatment, brush gently along the gum. Start flossing and using the proxabrush only the day after surfacing. The sensitivity, during brushing and hygiene between the teeth, can remain for a few days. In summary, the removal of dental plaque must be done so that the sensitivity disappears and, at the same time, it will maximize healing. Start using mouthwash (if prescribed) immediately after surfacing.

  • Smoking

The smoke and heat produced by tobacco can irritate the gums and delay healing. It is strongly suggested that you do not smoke on the following days of surfacing to promote healing.

Possible secondary effect of a surfacing

  • Bleeding

It is normal to have a slight bleeding as well as irritated gums during the first two days. In the case of heavy bleeding, please apply a moistened tea bag directly on the site, with a slight pressure, for about fifteen minutes. If the bleeding persists, please call us.

  • Sensitive teeth

As a result of surfacing, it may be possible to feel sensitivities. They can occur in contact with cold or hot air, salty, sweet, spicy and acidic food, as well as during brushing, flossing or using the proxabrush. Most of the time, this sensitivity may remain for a few weeks before gradually decreasing. Remember, removing the plaque daily helps reduce sensitivity, especially if you use sensitive toothpaste. If your sensitivity does not disappear, please let us know so that we can schedule appointments and apply different desensitizing products that will isolate your teeth to gradually eliminate the problem.

  • Sensitive gum

The discomfort following a surfacing varies from one patient to another. Normally ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Advil, Motrin, Tylenol) taken as prescribed helps reduce this discomfort. Rinse with warm salt water (1 tablespoon in 8oz of water) every 3-4 hours the following days. This will help reduce the sensitivity in the irritated places.

Please contact us if you have pain, swelling that persists or increases and bleeding, or if you notice any of the following symptoms: stiffness in the jaw, presence of suppuration or bad taste. If you have any questions or concerns contact us by phone or via our email address.


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