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Aesthetic dentistry

Patient et dentiste

Cosmetic dentistry is here to give you a dazzling smile and a radiant mouth. Doctor Bensouda's dental team is at your disposal to take care of your teeth, whiten them,   clean them and more. If you need veneers, crowns, dentures and more, we'll give you a smile that matches your face.

Several patients have regained a younger smile and have benefited from a simple correction or a complete transformation, to restore the confidence, assurance and well-being that made them happy people.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment you need:


  • Restoration

  • crowns

  • facets

  • dental bridges

  • Teeth whitening

  • Dental prosthesis

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The crown is the part of the tooth that protrudes out of the gum line (as opposed to the root). This area is naturally covered by a very hard substance, tooth enamel.



A dental veneer is an artifice in the form of a prosthesis, generally composed of a thin ceramic film, which allows the structure, position, shape and especially the color of a tooth to be changed.


Teeth whitening

This simple cosmetic dentistry process is used to lighten enamel and dentin discoloration through the use of a hydrogen peroxide-based gel. Whether in the office or at home, no whitening treatment should be carried out without first having carried out a thorough oral examination.

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